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"How can knitsin in cornflowers help restore nerve tissue and potentially benefit medical treatments?"

The journal Phytomedicine indicates that the flowers of the Mubarak's cornflower (Cnicus benedictus) are widespread in regions with a warm climate. It has long been used in folk medicine in the form of boiled tea to improve the functioning of the digestive system.

It became clear to the researchers during the experiments they conducted on the compound Nitsin that it accelerates the growth of nerve fibers. It was shown that it helped grow nerve fibers in animal models and human cells taken from retinas donated by patients. Giving a daily dose of it to mice and rats helps very quickly relieve paralysis and neuropathy.

According to the researchers, this compound can be easily used in treatment in the form of tablets and not injected into a vein.

The scientific team plans to create medicines based on this compound to treat damaged nerve tissue.

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