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Cat love signs, according to science 😺

Our felines love us, but it's not always easy to determine whether they love us back. There are several signs that indicate when a cat is happy and feels close to its owner, thanks to science, we will explore how cats communicate their feelings and how science can help us better understand them.

Cats use body language and tail movements to express affection, and understanding these signals will enable us to improve our relationship with them.

It gently approaches

If a cat allows you to approach them, this suggests a close bond, because cats are very selective and will only let you approach them if they trust you.

Bedtime on your lap If the cat sleeps next to you, or even on top of you, it means it is true love!

The look says it all

Research suggests that if cats blink their eyelashes slowly it could be a sign of trust, contentment and affection.

It rubs on the leg

If your cat rubs its head or side against your legs, it identifies you as a friend; this is because cats have scent glands on their sides, head and around their ears that they use to identify familiar people and objects.

while cats may not express love in the same way that humans do, there is scientific evidence to suggest that they are capable of feeling and expressing love towards their owners and other cats.


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