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"Danger Zone: What are the Ten Items You Should Never Microwave?"

There is no doubt that the microwave oven is a useful innovation, but it turns into danger if it is misused and poses serious threat to the security of those around it, if certain materials or objects are placed inside it.

We will remind you of some of them:

Dishwasher sponges: Placing them in the microwave while they are dry may cause them to burn.

Metal plates and utensils:

A fire breaks out if metal plates or food containers are placed in the microwave, even if the container is made of glass and contains a small piece of metal.

Cardboard or paper boxes:

It is prohibited to heat food in paper boxes because this may lead not only to the outbreak of fire, but also to the release of toxic substances.

Dishes decorated with metal materials:

Placing such dishes in the microwave, even if they contain a simple metal decoration on their edges, is very dangerous, because it also leads to fire.

Ceramic dishes:

You should not risk placing pots made of porcelain and the like in a microwave oven, as some people do, because this may lead to poisoning with heavy metals, especially lead, because they may mix with food under certain heating conditions. Therefore, modern dishes must be used, which are more Safe because it does not contain heavy metals.

Thermos cups:

It is strictly prohibited to heat coffee or tea in these cups in the microwave because they are made of metal and plastic.

Aluminum foil:

It is wrong to use aluminum foil to heat food in the microwave, unless you want to watch sparks fly inside this device, and possibly burn it.

Socks and gloves:

In the winter or fall, do not be tempted to heat socks in the microwave, as the dry fabric will undoubtedly catch fire.

Dry herbs:

Do not heat herbs in the microwave, as this may cause them to burn.

Eggs in the shell:

The idea of putting unpeeled eggs in the microwave is unwise unless you like hearing explosions, because the egg will explode if it is placed in the microwave in the shell.


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