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Driver Promptness: A video of a Turkish driver redressing the danger in a decisive moment🙏

A Turkish driver stops his truck by jumping inside his truck from from the window and raises the parking brake, in an astonishing video, and succeed redressing the danger in a decisive moment

The video clip below, published by "Bani Shafak Al-Turki" showed a driver who stopped his truck with a quick jump from the window and raised the hand brake after a truck skidded on a ramp in the Sultangazi district of Istanbul.

The driver had forgotten to raise the parking brake, to realize the danger after the truck start sliding slowly and collided with him, the driver rushed to the truck window and jumped in through it to pull the hand brake and stop the truck avoiding a dramatic catastrophe which was about to happen.

Those few seconds really matters most !! Well done

Source Video : Yenni Safak - "Bani Shafak Al-Turki"


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