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😄Duck hunting!! 🦆

A man and his friends go duck hunting.

They’re sitting in a duck blind and huge flock flies over them. One of his friends yells “FIRE!”

The man takes his shotgun and hits a duck, but it lands on the roof of a barn. The man walks over to retrieve his duck and is met with a grumpy farmer.

The man says, “Hey me and my buddies were duck hunting and a duck I shot fell on the roof of your barn. May we retrieve it?”

The farmer says in an angry tone, “Once that duck crossed my property line and landed on my barn that became my duck.”

The man says, “Look is there any way you’ll let me have this duck?”

The farmer thinks for a minute and says, “Alright, you let me kick you in the nuts as hard as I can. Then you can kick me in the nuts as hard as you can. And we’ll keep kicking each other in the nuts until someone quits. Whoever doesn’t quit gets the duck.”

The man looks back at his friends, who are hot, sweaty, hungry, and ready for dinner. He clinches his teeth and says, “Fine I accept your challenge.”

The farmer grins and winds up and kicks the man square in the balls as hard as he can. The man falls on the ground crying, screaming, and yelling every obscenity in the book. After 30 minutes he finally makes it to his feet. He says to the farmer, ”Ok farmer it’s your turn.”

The farmer says with a big smile, “Son, you know what, you can just have the duck.”😄🤣🤣🦆

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