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Do you think it's safe to keep those things in your car? well think again!

The purpose of a vehicle is transportation and it shouldn't be used as storage. Keeping the below items in your car even for a short term, could hurt your health and security.

  1. Antibiotics and medications: Most medicine should be left at room temperature, Heat probably could make them less effective.

  2. Electronics + Handbags : Handbags, and gadgets like laptops, cell phones, and thumb drives contain information that could be easy to steal. you are exposing your car to safety risk of theft.

  3. Sunscreen: Ironically, the active ingredients in sunscreen break down in high heat. Leaving it in the car on a hot day could reduce its effectiveness. Plus, the heat could cause it to explode.

  4. Water bottles: Some inconclusive studies have linked BPA and phthalates, chemicals found in plastic water bottles, with health conditions like cancer and heart disease. Letting a bottle sit in the sun and heat up could cause these chemicals to leach into the water. Plus, if the bottle has been lying around for a while, it could start harboring microorganisms. Did you know that bottled water expires?

  5. Young children: YES you are reading well: Even if you don’t expect an errand to take more than a few minutes, leaving children alone in the car on a hot day puts their safety at risk. On average, 39 children die every year from heatstroke in hot cars. in some countries , it’s illegal to leave young children alone, even if it isn’t sweltering outside.

Just always look around before leaving your car for any of the above, which can put you on high health and security risk: Prevention is the best remedy.

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