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✔️Fact: Fun and weird facts, hard to believe!

The world can be weird, wacky, and fascinating place. some facts just makes it more funny and pleasant. the more we know the more we can accept that life contains weird things that we never imagine would exist!

Let's learn some of those facts:


McDonald’s once made bubblegum-flavored broccoli

This was made in good intention to get kids eat healthier, but... it didn’t go over well with the child testers, who were “confused by the taste.”

The first oranges weren’t orange:

The original oranges from Southeast Asia were a tangerine and they were actually green!! In fact, oranges in warmer regions like Vietnam and Thailand still stay green through maturity.


There’s one and only letter that doesn’t appear in any U.S. state name: did you guess which is that letter? It is the letter Q, you may try the test again :)

Peanuts aren’t technically nuts!

They’re legumes. a nut is only a nut if it’s “a hard-shelled dry fruit or seed with a separable rind or shell and interior kernel.” That means walnuts, almonds, cashews, and pistachios aren’t nuts either. They’re seeds. 🌰

Octopuses lay 56,000 eggs at a time!

The mother spends six months so devoted to protecting the eggs that she doesn’t eat. The babies are the size of a grain of rice when they’re born.

And finally Guess what ? The longest English word is more than 189,000 long !!! yes!! it is not a typing mistake neither a wrong calculation ! the longest English word is 189,819 letters long!

Of course that cannot be spell out here: Let's make it simple: It is the full name for the protein nicknamed titin - It would take three and a half hours to say out loud.😄

Source : Multiple internet scientific websites

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