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✔️Fact: Once upon a time: Cities that no longer exist

War, invasions, and many disasters have changed the demography, geography and history of many cities and countries: Some cities were divided, conquered or simply destroyed, rebuilt over and over again.

we will go through 3 Cities which no longer exist:

East Berlin, Germany

Berlin was divided into 2 East and West, with many parts split under the power of the winner countries of WW2. As a result East Berlin was under the soviet union control from 1945 till 1990 when The Wall that divided East from West Berlin fell in 1989 and reunite the city who is now the unified capital of Germany.

Consonno, Italy

Consonno Picture Credit source:

Consonno was a tiny town in Italy, with a population of less than 300 and roots dating back to the middle ages. in 1962"Mario Bagno" came along and decided to turn the area into the "Las Vegas" of Italy and planned on calling it the City of Toys. He demolished nearly every building and set to work on building his masterpiece. but in 1976 a landslide buried the access road and the project was never finished. Since then, Consonno has been abandoned.

Hallsands, United Kingdom

The people in the small town of Hallsands were minding their business where in 1917 the entire village collapsed and fell into the sea. The residents were left homeless and rebuilt elsewhere. Today the remains of the village of Hallasands are under the sea.

Many other cities have disappeared, such as Pompeii when In AD 79, Mount Vesuvius Volcano erupted and buried the city under ash, Antarctica in US, was established in 1933 till in 1958 when lands melted and have floated out to sea, resulting the city to almost disappear.

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