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✔️Rocky first movie born out of more than 20 script rejections! a story of perseverance

Producers rejected 30 of Sylvester Stallone’s screenplays before Rocky

Before his overnight success, Stallone was an out-of-work actor desperate for a gig.

e didn’t sleep the entire weekend and wrote for 20 hours straight until it was complete. Stallone wrote the 80-page script in three days for Rocky. More than twenty screenplays were rejected !! before There are also some reports claiming 1,500 talent scouts rejected the actor, too.

His plan was to play the lead in the movie so that he could get his big break into acting but again faced massive rejection.

Sylvester Stallone persevered until he found one producer who wanted the script. The problem was they didn’t want him as the lead. They even went as far as to him $225,000 to use the script providing he wasn’t in the movie. Stallone was determined: he wanted to be a successful Actor at all costs and so rejected the deal despite being dead broke.

Eventually the producers agreed to buy the script and let him play the lead actor but only for $35,000.

The movie “Rocky” written by and starring Sylvester Stallone was released in 1976 and went on to gross $225 million in the global box office.

The film won an Oscar for best picture in 1977, beating out Taxi Driver and All The President’s Men, and it also sparked a Rocky franchise making Stallone a star.


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