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Food that the body does not need!

Dr. Dilyara Lebedeva, a gastroenterologist, announced that harmful fats, preservatives, salt and other additives are not needed by the body.

The doctor points out that store-bought sauces, processed meats, sugar, whole milk, alcoholic beverages, and mayonnaise should be excluded from the diet. Because these products affect negatively the health of the digestive system, slow down the metabolism, cause edema and weight gain.

According to the Dr, ready-made sauces sold in stores may contain harmful ingredients, such as trans fats, as well as a mixture of hidden sugars, salt, flavor enhancers, preservatives and stabilizers. Few spoons from those will cancel out all the benefits of vegetable salad.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Mark Gadzian, a surgical oncologist, previously indicated that salt and sugar are the most dangerous products to health. Because salt causes blood clotting, raises blood pressure, and reduces testosterone concentration. As for sugar, it affects the secretion of insulin and “it kills testosterone and it accumulates directly in the body in the form of visceral fat.”

Source: Publication date: 27/212/2023


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