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GEO: A minimalist, foldable electric bike with a twist from OSSBY

Spanish bicycle manufacturer Ossby has been around since 2011. In its decade of operation, the company has concentrated on practical, city-focused bikes. You might already be familiar with the company's Curve models, which have sloping frames and tiny wheels. Using the growing e-bike market, the company has developed a commuter-focused model to boost the practicality of its bikes.

It's called the GEO, a minimalist, folding electric bike with a twist: it's made out of plants. More specifically, the GEO's frame is constructed out of a rigid blend of recycled fibers and vegetal resins—kinda like carbon fiber except instead of carbon they used plant stuff. Now, I'm no engineer or materials scientist, so I don't know what to make of Ossby's claim that this material is somehow stronger than aluminum, while being lighter, too. Of course, because it's made of plants, the GEO is claimed to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

you may watch the design and technicality of the bike in the link below:

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