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Here are 5 common places in the house where the "Wi-Fi" device weakens!

If you put your internet router in the "wrong" room of your house, or even in the wrong place in the right room, it can slow down your home network.

One Wi-Fi expert explained to the Daily Mail that knowing where to put your router makes a 'big difference' to having good and bad signal on connected devices.

Alex Tufts, of broadband comparison service Broadband Genie, said routers should never be placed under stairs, on a window, in a kitchen or attic, or next to a pot or fish tank.

Tufts explained that Wi-Fi signals do not travel well through metal, water, hard walls or heavy furniture, so raising the router and placing it in an open area can help.

"The general rules to keep in mind are to look for any nearby obstacles that could cause a problem," he said. "Avoid placing it behind bulky furniture or next to other equipment that may cause signal interference."

He added: "There are certain rooms in the house that can be particularly problematic, so with that in mind, here are the areas you should think about more carefully."

under the stairs

Keeping the router away from walls "makes the signal null" — the same is true for floors, so it might be worth raising it as well.

the kitchen

Tufts explained that electrical devices that use radio signals like cordless phones or baby monitors can interfere and disrupt your router's signal.

He said: 'The kitchen is sometimes home to a few of them and the main culprit is your microwave. It uses the same 2.4GHz signal, which will rival your router when heating up some food.

next to the window

Placing your router next to a window or in an area exposed to direct sunlight is a bad idea.

If your router gets hot, especially in the summer, this could be a problem.

"Like any electrical appliance, it's important to keep it cool," Tufts said. "This may be more difficult in the summer, but avoid placing it near any windows where you'll be in direct sunlight. A shaded spot that isn't obstructed by large objects should be fine. Make sure you There should also be adequate ventilation in the room.

Next to a bowl or fish bowl

Water isn't good for Wi-Fi signals, so make sure your router isn't near it - and that your network doesn't rely on a Wi-Fi connection through water.

"Water blocks Wi-Fi signals, so don't put your router near anything with a lot of water in it - whether that's an indoor waterfall, an aquarium, or even vases with a lot of water in them," Tufts said.

in the attic

In general, you want your router to be in the middle of your home, rather than on the edges.

“Attic space is not ideal for signal strength,” Tufts said. “Ideally, you want your router on the ground floor in the middle of your house, and this will give it the best chance of reaching all the rooms in your house. And attic insulation can make it difficult to get "Better signal. If you are using attic space and need internet there, you should consider using a WiFi booster."

Source: Daily Mail


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