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Here are the best times to fly ✈️ according to an expert

Roman Gusarov, an expert at the State Duma Transportation Committee and editor-in-chief of the network, advised flying in the morning to avoid turbulence in some areas.

The expert points out, in an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia", that the air turbulence in the morning period is very weak, so this matter can be taken into account when traveling by air, especially in the case of the traveler's fear of flying.

He says: “Air turbulence is often associated with warm ascending air currents, which usually occur in the afternoon, leading to the emergence of what is called turbulence areas, which are usually observed over mountainous areas, where the slopes are heated distinctly, which causes the plane to enter the region.” Cold air, or an ascent of warm air currents, is felt by passengers even when flying at high altitudes.

According to the expert, when the air is cold, the atmosphere heats up evenly - and remains fairly stable in movement and air density.

He says, "Even amateur pilots admit that flying in winter is better than in summer. Because the plane flies smoothly. In summer, it often rises and descends, meaning its movement is not stable."

He explained that this rule does not work in cold regions, especially in winter, when the day is short and the sun has no effect on heating the surfaces. He added that flight time does not play a role in this case, "But other phenomena can affect the choice of flight time in these areas - such as hurricanes (low air pressure areas), clouds, snow, and winds. These can be at any time of the day in the morning, noon, evening, and at night as well."

Source: newspaper "Izvestia" on RT @


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