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Hero father-of-three, 35, tackles female who tried to storm plane’s cockpit claiming she had a bomb

Philip O'Brien, a father of three, managed to control a woman who stripped naked and ran to storm the cockpit twice while shouting "Allahu Akbar" in a flight from Lanarca, Cyprus to Manchester on Tuesday 9 August.

In the details, Philip O'Brien, 35, was traveling on a Jet2 flight from Cyprus to Manchester, on Tuesday, August 9, when a woman in her thirties caused a scene that panicked passengers shortly after takeoff: As it appeared, The woman indicated that she was carrying explosives, as she asked the children she was with, if they were "ready to die."

She also told terrified passengers and staff that "her parents are members of the terrorist organization ISIS."

Philip, who worked in security as a teenager, jumped on the woman when she got back into the cockpit and took her to the ground, at which point the pilot made an emergency landing in Paris.


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