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Heroic rescue of a woman who lost consciousness while driving a car

In a collective act of heroism, a group of people rescued a woman who lost consciousness while driving a car through a busy street, in Boynton Beach, Florida.

The police published a video of the car where the woman was unconscious, leaving the vehicle running alone.

In the video, the car appears to move strangely, after stopping at a red light, to enter a crowded intersection and cause panic, in Boynton Beach, Florida, USA.

It was later revealed that the owner of the car suffered a seizure of a special kind that made her unconscious, so she left her car moving in the middle of the intersection, according to the American station "ABC".

The video shows the heroic move of another woman, noticing the illness, followed the car to the dangerous intersection, and began calling for pedestrians to help her stop the car, before entering the opposite parking lot.

Indeed, a number of young men stopped the car, when they united and resisted the car with their hands and their backs, to actually succeed in stopping it. Then they smashed the window to get in, and pull out the woman and drive her car to a nearby parking lot.

Police said a nurse was in the parking lot, called an ambulance, and meanwhile provided medical care.

To see the video click on the link Source below


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