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In a lake, a couple discovers a safe filled with money💰

A couple found a safe with $100,000 inside it while they were magnet fishing, searching for treasures, in a lake in New York City.

James Kane and his wife, Barbie Agostini, began the hobby of magnet fishing after the Corona pandemic, to search for metal objects.

Magnet fishing is done by using a rope tied to the end of a strong magnet, which is then thrown into the water in the hope of finding treasures and other things.

Last Friday, the couple threw a strong magnet connected to a rope into a lake in Queens, New York City. The surprise was that they found more than they were waiting for, as the magnet attracted a safe from the bottom of the lake.

When the couple opened the safe, they found bundles of $100 bills, totaling $100,000, although the money was damaged by the water.

The couple said they contacted the New York Police Department about the safe, and noted that they were told there was no way to identify its original owner, meaning they were allowed to keep it.

The couple pointed out that they had not found anything like this before, noting that they had previously found some old rifles, hand grenades dating back to World War II, a full-sized motorcycle, foreign currencies, and jewelry.

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