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Touching scenes of an Egyptian surprising his daughter at her graduation ceremony in Algeria

A video of an Egyptian citizen who came to Algeria after a long absence to surprise his daughter by attending her primary school graduation ceremony in an Algerian school achieved widespread circulation on social media networks.

Many activists circulated the video and described it as “touching,” especially since the father had not met his daughter for a long time. She was surprised by his presence in a way that the girl had not expected, and feelings were mixed between the joy of success and the joy of meeting.

The video conveyed the moments of Egyptian Ahmed Zahran’s travel from Egypt to Algeria, to attend the end-of-year ceremony held in honor of the fifth-year primary school students who will join the middle school stage.

The father said: “I am engineer Ahmed Zahran, an Egyptian national residing in Algeria. I was in Egypt recently, about six months ago, when I underwent a heart operation.”

He continued, saying: “My daughter is graduating this year in the fifth year of primary school. The ceremony honoring her is today and we will go to her, and I wanted to make a surprise for her,” adding: “I traveled from Egypt to Algeria and from the capital to the state of Al-Mughayir in coordination with several parties, including the school administration... and God willing. "She'll love the surprise."

While the girl named Shahd was in the middle of the party, suddenly the activist called her, revealing the content of the surprise that she was not waiting for at all, saying to the audience that “her father, Ahmed Zahran, is the one who will honor her.”

At these moments, signs of astonishment and joy appeared on the girl’s face, then the father entered and she went towards him to embrace him with tears in her eyes.

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