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In Japan: The restaurant of mistaken orders, bring smile & Compassion 🙏

Using funds from crowdfunding, the first Restaurant of Mistaken Orders

official launch was held at “RANDY” , a restaurant in the Roppongi area of Tokyo.

Media from Japan and overseas came to cover this unique and inspiring initiative.

in September 2017.

“The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders” is a pop-up concept born in 2017 in Tokyo from an idea by producer Shiro Oguni. As the name itself suggests, the dish you order once you sit down at a table might not be the one you end up eating - and that’s because the restaurant only staffs people living with dementia.

“Dementia is so widely misunderstood,” said Oguni in a presentation for the restaurant. “People believe you can’t do anything for yourself and the condition will often mean complete isolation from society”. But that’s not what Oguni and the creators of the restaurant believe, and that’s precisely the goal of this pop-up - creating a feeling of open-mindedness and acceptance to spread awareness about dementia and hopefully lowering the social stigma around it.

The "Restaurant of Mistaken Orders" won one of the world's highest creative accolades, the Cannes Lion. Various awards and accolades have also been received both within Japan and overseas.

The positive impact of the initiative and the gentle communication that highlights human kindness have, and continue to win great praise from the world over.


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