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In Mexico, an uninvited guest raises panic! 😌

A raccoon appeared without warning at a local city council meeting in Acapulco, Mexico, causing panic among the attendees.

CCTV footage released Thursday shows members of the city council meeting inside a conference room when the animal suddenly falls from the ceiling.

According to Acapulco newspaper El Sur, the incident occurred on December 22 while the city council was reviewing the budget package for January and February.

Acapulco City Hall is located within the 52-acre Papagayo Park, making it an ideal visitor point for the raccoons that roam the area.

It is not known how the raccoon got into the building. The video also shows a second raccoon standing on the edge of the upper deck.

However, the animal remained where it was after a piece of roof covering fell to the ground, while council members were standing on chairs and tables.

The Raccoon was trying to find his way out, so he continued to run into the room in a panic, before escaping through the side entrance door. 😁

Click on the link below where you can see a video of the story.

Source News: Daily Mail - Publish date: 21.01.2023


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