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The laser beam caused a goalkeeper to be suspended for 11 matches.🔦

The Mexican Football Federation suspended Tigres UNAM goalkeeper Nauel Guzman for 11 matches after he directed a laser beam at a Monterrey player during a Mexican League confrontation between the two teams last Sunday.

Videos circulated showing the arrested Guzman while he was sitting in the stands and directing a laser beam at Monterrey players, including Esteban Andrada, during the match, which ended in a 3-3 draw between the two teams.

The Mexican Federation said in a statement to its Disciplinary Committee that it also imposed a financial fine on Guzman, in addition to obliging him to work in community service for some time.

For its part, the Tigres club confirmed that it would impose more penalties on its goalkeeper, Guzman, who apologized for the incident.

The Mexican Federation also punished Andrada for insulting Guzman on social media.

Source: "Media" - Publication date: 19/04/2024-


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