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✔️Fact: LOL,OMY,IDK…You are reading English! Text abbreviations: List of most used & their meanings!

STA 😉 "short text abbreviation" might be the next new abbreviation on the list ?

Nowadays, SMS, Chats, Emails, direct messages are the core our daily communication, and it is so frequent used everywhere! so it is becoming critical to reduce the amount of time to write messages and to shorten the wording. Some voice application would also recognize those abbreviations and translate them to their exact spelling or can even keep them as is, since this is incorporated in their database.

Where do those abbreviations come from? We know that in most languages, written abbreviation exists, The use of limited characters space in some application and messaging, have made those abbreviations useful to allow more space for more words to fit into one message. So what are those abbreviations used for? and do we know the correct meaning?

Let’s go through the most common ones:

1. LOL= Laughing out loudly.

2. OMG= oh my God (or gosh, or goodness,

3. IDK= I don’t know.

4. JK= just kidding.

5. ROFL= rolling on the floor laughing.

6. YOLO= you only live once.

7. HMU= Hit me up.

8. BC= before Christ - Wanted to see how you were doing bc I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

9. THX/TY/TYSM= it’s simply short for “thanks,” with the X representing the sound at the end of the word. TYSM is for the “thank you so much”.

10. NP/YW= No problem, you’re welcome.

11. NBD= no big deal.

12. BTW= by the way.

13. LMK= let me know.

14. ILY= I love you.

15. OMW= on my way.

16. NVM= never mind yeah we didn’t miss a word , it is three letters for two words!

17. IRL= in real life.

18. ETA= estimated time of arrival - this term is also used in supply chain terminology long time back.

19. TMI= too much information.

20. GOAT= greatest of all time - can be used to praise a friend, or a superstar in a particular field.

21. TFW= that feel/feeling when - it’s commonly used in association with visual images that represent how someone is feeling, “TFW Lunch was better than I expected.”

22. DM= direct message.

23. FOMO= fear of missing out.” It is what you feel when your friends out partying, and you weren’t invited or couldn’t make it.

24. ICYMI= in case you missed it.” It’s great for uploading photos after the event.

25. FTW= for the win - it can just said to celebrate a triumphant moment.

26. TLDR= too long, didn’t read.

27. FWIW= for what it’s worth- It’s a kind way of introducing a strong opinion.

28. TBH= to be honest.

29. SMH= shaking my head.

30. IIRC= if I recall correctly.

31. IMO= in my opinion.

32. BFF= Best friend forever.

33. OOO= out of office – when someone in on vacation or simply not on his desk for certain period of time.

34. ASAP= as soon as possible.

35. FYI= For your info.

36. FYA= For your action.

The list can be longer. Each day an abbreviation could be added, with people using those "shortcuts" frequently through casual communications, short messages and chats.

WKU= Will keep you updated! 😉 Already a new one is added today ! LOL!

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