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Mexican rescue dog "Frida"; a "career" to be proud of!

On Tuesday (November 15, 2022), a Mexican rescue dog who gained international fame while searching for survivors among the rubble of an earthquake, wearing protective goggles and stockings, died because of age-related disease.

The dog, "Frida", a Labrador Retriever, received great sympathy while searching for survivors inside a school in Mexico City that was destroyed by a 7.1-magnitude earthquake that struck the region in 2017, killing about 370 people.

Frida belongs to the canine unit of the Mexican Marine Corps and has previously participated in emergency response efforts outside Mexico, including earthquakes in Haiti and Ecuador.

"We will not forget your service to the country," said Jesus Ramirez, spokesman for Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The Mexican Marine Corps tweeted, "Thank you for your service to Mexico. You will always be in our hearts," pledging to preserve Frida's "nobility, loyalty and love."

The Mexican Navy stated that Frida, born on April 12, 2009, completed her training in search and rescue operations in a record period of eight months, while dogs usually take 12 months to complete similar training.

The dog saved 12 lives during her ten-year career, before she officially retired in 2019.

Published on Tuesday (November 15, 2022), Source News: AFP from Bint Jbeil Website - Story on the link below


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