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Mistakes that prevent us from relaxing during the holidays

According to Dr. Tatiana Melich, a psychologist and neuropsychiatrist, a person's feeling that the weekend days go by quickly indicates that he did not relax during those days.

The specialist points out that we always hear people say, "The days of vacation have passed so fast and I feel that I did not get a rest." This is a familiar feeling to many, even though it should be the opposite. Unfortunately, we often neglect ourselves and make many mistakes that prevent us from enjoying a weekend. For this reason, we feel tired and depressed on the first working day after the holiday.

According to her, the mistakes that prevent us from relaxing on the weekend are:

1- Trying to get everything done during the vacation days.

This mistake is the most common and burdens the body with more than its capacity, which prevents it from relaxing and increases stress due to the many tasks that must be accomplished during the vacation.

2- Transferring work to home or trying to complete what was missed during the weekend.

“This habit blurs the line between professional and personal life,” she says. “According to research results, to reduce stress and prevent burnout, you should not do any work-related activities.”

3- Organizing evenings and sessions with friends.

“Many mistakenly believe that socializing with friends is an essential part of relaxing on the weekend, but this can be an added stressor such as excessive fatigue,” she says.

4- Follow friends on social networks.

“Our age is characterized by a huge flow of information, where the grass always seems to be greener on the other side of the fence,” she says. “Friends post pictures of their travels, the gym and outings on social networks, while others sit and scroll through their news feed. They seem to feel that they are not They deserve the happy life that others brag about.”

5- Inability to switch.

She says: "Continuing to think about the events of the week and reliving them causes severe fatigue and anxiety."

6- Watch TV series until late at night.

She says: “Lack of normal sleep on the weekend is another very important mistake that prevents a person from resting. Watching favorite series until late at night is great, but if a person wants to get a good rest, he should get rid of it.” .

She says: “Relaxing on the weekend does not mean doing less work than usual. Rather, it means doing something that restores strength. What is meant here is a balance between activity and relaxation, between communication and isolation, being in the fresh air and home comfort. By avoiding common mistakes, one can make the most of it.” From vacation days, and then actively return to work days again.”

Source: - Publication date: 28/11/2023

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