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🎸 Music: Dalida- A chaque fois J'y crois

Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti" known as Dalida, the French Icon singer, actress and entertainer, despite a lot of sadness in her life, have spread joy and happiness through many of her songs!

It isn't easy to spread joy when we are depressed, to show the smiley face when we feel sad.

this French song "A chaque fois j'y crois" - "every time I believe it" is about love, to repeat trials (of love) again and again, hoping that it will work for good one day.

A lot of hope and joy in this song, with a nice joyful rhythm: below is the happy part of the song in French lyrics,

"Fini l'hiver, c'était hier

Aujourd'hui le printemps s'éveille

Adieu le noir, le désespoir

Ma vie a changé de couleur

L'amour est là, à bout de bras

Il revient vivre dans mon cœur

Et toi la vie (et toi la vie)"

The passage in English "winter is over, that was yesterday, today spring is awake, good bye for the black, the despair, my life has changed of colors, love is there, in all arms, coming back to live in my heart, and you my life.... "

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