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🎸 Music: O Sole Mio by Bryan Adams and Pavarotti

The Italian song "O Sole Mio," was first recorded by Giuseppe Anselmi in 1907. Mario Lanza popularized the song, and Tony Martin released the first English translation as "There's No Tomorrow" in 1949.

Also known as the Cornetto song, ‘O sole mio’ which translates as ‘My Sunshine’, is one of the most beloved Neapolitan songs of the last 100 years.

The song was Written by Giovanni Capurro, its lyrics rhapsodies about the beauty of a sunny day, creating an enviable picture of southern Italy in the sunshine.

The melody is known worldwide, having been used in English cover versions by Elvis Presley, Tony Martin and in an advert for Cornetto ice cream.

The Version which is selected is performed by Bryan Adams, and the Maestro Luciano Pavarotti : Pavarotti had called Adams to ask him if he would like to perform a duet together on an Italian television show, thus they sang this song together as a tribute to Pavarotti on his 59th birthday .

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Lyrics start with a beautiful description of a Sunny day, which boost the morale: here is one of passage - English translation:

What a beautiful thing is a sunny day! The air is serene after a storm, The air is so fresh that it already feels like a celebration. What a beautiful thing is a sunny day!


But another sun, even more beauteous, oh my sweetheart, My own sun, shines from your face! This sun, my own sun, Shines from your face; It shines from your face!

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