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On board the International Space Station, a highly contagious mutant bacteria colony was discovered

Astronauts discovered a new type of bacteria on the International Space Station, described as extremely ferocious and capable of wiping all of humanity from the face of the Earth.

These extraterrestrial creatures cannot be killed, and they help other bacteria survive.

NASA reported that space has produced a new form of life before our eyes. The astronauts removed a foul-smelling substance from the wall of the International Space Station and examined it. It turned out to be a mutated bacteria that appeared in extraterrestrial space. It has very scary properties. For example, she seems to be a bit smart.

Five years ago, astronauts discovered a large colony of Enterobacter bugandensis bacteria on board the International Space Station, a bacteria that causes gastrointestinal diseases. The bacteria appeared in samples taken from the toilet and in the exercise area, that is, in areas of human secretions.

It later became known that these bacteria are difficult to kill and are resistant to most antibiotics. Some scientists said at the time that it was not very contagious and did not pose a danger to humans.

The bacteria mutated over the years in a confined space and under the influence of cosmic rays. Now it has become something completely different from what it was, and for the first time space has given birth to a new form of life before our eyes.

The study says that these bacteria differ from their counterparts on Earth in both genetic and functional terms. Now the bacteria are able to survive in the best conditions and reproduce well on the space station. But the most surprising thing is that they have developed something resembling consciousness. After learning how to survive on its own, it helped other bacteria survive, and they became more dangerous and infectious.

Scientists put the bacteria in a test tube with insects that nothing could kill. So all the insects died. The doctors said: “If the mutant reaches Earth, a catastrophe will occur, as humans will find that antibiotics are powerless to help them, and very serious diseases can infect them, for example, sepsis in newborns.”

Luckily those Bacterias are still in space, let's hope they won't travel to our planet.

Source: News Komsomolskaya Pravda - Publication date: 23/04/2024 :

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