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On her 18th birthday, she bought her first lottery ticket 🎫and won $48 million!

On the occasion of her eighteenth birthday, a Canadian girl decided to follow the advice of her grandfather and buy a lottery ticket for the first time to “try her luck”, and she ended up winning $ 48 million.

With Juliette Lamour, a student at Sault Sainte-Marie Ontario, winning the $48 million grand prize, she became the youngest person in Canada to win such a large amount of money.

While receiving her award, Lamour recounted the reasons that prompted her to buy the ticket, saying: "My grandfather told me: (I have reached the age of eighteen, buy a ticket and try your luck)," according to "Agence France Presse."

And because she did not know what the necessary procedures were to participate in the lottery, the first thing Lamour did when she arrived at the store was to call her father.

The Lottery Company "OLG" of Ontario announced during the weekend the identity of the only winner of the grand prize in the draw that took place in early January, but Lamour was not following the results of the draw and it did not occur to her that she might be the winner.

After the result was announced, Lamour's colleagues told her that the winning ticket had been purchased in Sault Sainte-Marie. After one of her colleagues suggested that she check her ticket through the "OLG" application, she was shocked to discover she was the winner.

Lamour majors in biology, and plans to continue her studies this year, while planning a trip with her family next summer. She may consult her father, who works in the field of financial planning, to advise her how to invest her money.

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