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📷Photos You Should Never, Ever Post on Social Media

It’s important to watch what you post. These posting pitfalls could endanger your job, your relationships, and your identity.

Below are some samples of pictures which you SHOULDN'T be posting on social media:

Boarding pass

Your frequent flyer card and passenger name record (PNR) could be jeopardized with a social post. With a little finagling, hackers can access your earned miles, phone number, date of birth, and even passport data. Based on your booking number, criminals can also find out when you leave and return. Knowing that no one is home could entice burglars to break in while you’re away.


Posting photos of paychecks, credit cards, and wads of cash increase the chances of you getting mugged.

Winning lotto ticket

If you’re lucky enough to snag a winning lottery ticket, be smart enough not to brag. criminals can replicate the scannable barcode and steal your winnings.

Confidential work emails

If your company sent an exciting email about a new development or branding idea, the last thing you want to do is let the competition know. Airing complaints—or posting photos of “venting” conversations between you and coworkers—isn’t smart either. In fact, it’s a sure way to get sacked.

Birth certificate

A birth certificate is considered the “bedrock identifying document” and can get you a new Social Security card, passport, and driver’s license. Once someone has control of it, proactively preventing fraud is near impossible.

Work that isn’t copyrighted

You might be proud of your writing, but posting a snap of the poem or short story you’ve written before publishing isn’t the best idea—Even if you writing only has sentimental value—and isn’t exactly Pulitzer worthy—posting it online makes it easy for people to copy, paste, and claim.

Keep your wise words to yourself until they’ve been copywritten, and then have your fans buy the book instead.

Ultrasound of baby in mother's

An announcement that doesn’t directly involve you—especially a life-changing one, like an engagement or pregnancy—isn’t yours to make. Wait until the people involved to make it official online first, and then post your congratulations. If a post never comes, don’t assume they just forgot to make one. There’s probably a personal (or even legal) reason they’re not broadcasting the news online.

You may take nice pictures to keep good memories, but publishing photos and documents, is another story, just always :Be careful

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