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The Bench🪑 😌

A guy is out running in the park.

He sees an older man sitting on a bench with an upset look on his face. The guy waves it off and continues his run.

Another lap later, he sees an older woman sitting on that same bench with the older guy, both of them looking upset. Again, the runner waves it off, but this time his curiosity has been piqued.

Every time he passes by them, the runner still sees that its occupants look upset. When he finishes his final lap, he decides to stop.

"Okay, I've been running laps by this bench here," the runner says. "And every time I've passed by it, I see you two sitting there looking upset. What's going on?"

The man answers. "Come, sit down and we'll explain why."

So the runner looks at his watch. "Yeah, sure, I'm done with my run anyway." He sits down on the bench next to the man and woman. "So, what's the problem?"

"The problem?" the woman asks. "They just painted this bench."😃😂😂

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