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The blue whale: 🐋 His heart weighs 180 kilograms, & the sound of his pulse is heard from a distance

Weighing from 100 to 150 tons, more than 34 elephants, and larger than any dinosaur known to our planet, this legendary 30-meter-long giant, a huge 10-storey building, still roams silently across our planet to this day.

This enormous living mass in which the Creator placed a unique organ as well, which is the largest heart on earth, weighs about 180 kilograms, is larger than two adult men or three men of light weight.

The heart of the blue whale consists of 4 huge chambers, of equal mass, that acts as a "heavy caliber" pump that pumps oxygen to all parts of the blue giant's body every 10 seconds, according to the report published in the "national geographic" magazine specialized in the animal world.

According to "Sputnik", the heartbeat of the blue whale is characterized by its loud sound, as it can be heard approximately 3 kilometers away in the sonar devices. With this strength, it can pump about 220 liters of blood every 10 seconds approximately.

The most exciting thing about the heart of the blue whale, is its heartbeat varies between the surface and the bottom of the water, as it beats about 25 to 35 beats per minute, at the surface of the water, but it beats from 4 to 8 beats per minute, when diving to deep distances in search of food .

An adult blue whale needs about 8,000 pounds of krill per day, but it is able to fast for months, especially during migration periods when it consumes the fat stored in its great body.

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