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The longest family in the world is registered in the Guinness Book of Records!

An American family got the title of "the longest family in the world" after entering the Guinness Book of Records, according to the official website of the Guinness Book of Records.

According to the encyclopedia, the Trapp family "the longest family in the world" consists of 5 members: Scott, Chrissy, Savannah, Molly and Adam, and the latter is the longest, with a height of 221.17 cm, while mother Chrissy is the shortest 191.2 cm.

While the average family length is 203.29 cm, where the sum of the heights of the family members equals the length of half a tennis court. Thanks to these heights, the three sons practiced sports, and coaches made sure to use their heights in basketball and volleyball.

After their victory was announced, the Trapp family was thrilled to learn that they had become the new title holders, as the family feel that the global recognition they have received makes up for the downside of being tall.

The tallest family in the world hopes that their record-breaking height will support and empower others who are unique or feel different, and inspire them to succeed in life and not stop at the gaze and amazement of others.

Date April 13, 2022


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