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The main danger of prolonged work at the computer identified by doctors

Professor Dmitry Berezovsky of the Faculty of Medicine of Moscow Pedagogical University determined that working for long periods at the computer in a sitting position threatens the occurrence of a stroke, and the result may be death.

In an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia", he says: "Thrombosis is a multifactorial pathological process. In the nineteenth century, physician Rudolf Virchow identified three causes that lead to blood clots. First, blood stagnation, i.e. stopping blood flow, slowing its flow in the veins, and disturbance of the blood clotting process." "Blood clotting itself. We inherited from our distant ancestors a much stronger blood clotting system than anticoagulation."

The professor points out that the blood vessels of a person who is in a sitting position for a long time are under great pressure, which leads to stagnation of blood or slow flow and increases the risk of clotting. And there is the so-called "traveler thrombosis" - which occurs when a person is in a sitting position on an airplane for a long time, say, 7-8 hours.

And he warns: "A clot occurs in the lower extremities. This clot may separate and reach through the systemic circulation to the heart cavity, and from there to the small circulatory vessels, and the person will die."

According to him, the genetic factor is of great importance because it increases the risk of blood clots, and the genes that cause blood clotting are FII and FV, and the presence of these mutations increases the formation of clots when there is an external factor such as sitting for a long time.

The doctor points out that e-sportsmen and in general all those involved in intellectual work often drink a lot of coffee to improve concentration and attention.

He says: “Coffee raises the level of the amino acid homocysteine. And the high concentration of this amino acid in the blood plasma has a very harmful effect on the cells of the lining layer of the walls of blood vessels, which have a unique function - the production of substances that stimulate coagulation as well as anticoagulants. But homocysteine only enhances the clotting properties of blood vessels. endothelial cells".

And the doctor recommends that all workers in a sitting position take folic acid found in green plants - onions, parsley, dill, and others.

He says: "Sit less, drink less coffee: no more than two or three cups a day. Do five minutes of exercise every hour during work. Walk more. Walk, not stand."

Source: newspaper "Izvestia" -

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