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The most expensive and cheapest New Year's Eve food dishes in countries of the world

The "Novosti" agency conducted research indicating that the most expensive traditional dish on the New Year's table.

“Get ready to devour the most expensive Christmas dinner in history.” Christmas dinner hits the Spaniards’ pocket

The agency stated that in Japan there are two main types of New Year's dishes.

One of them is buckwheat with shrimp, mushrooms, vegetables or fish. It symbolizes "the end of the year" and is eaten before the beginning of the new year and can be cooked or purchased for about $10.80.

On the first day of the New Year, the Japanese put on the table a special set of New Year's snacks and buy ready-made sets that can include from 20 to 73 types of dishes worth from 70 to 200 dollars.

The cheapest traditional dish on the New Year's table goes back to Hungary, where cabbage stuffed with pork, lard, and rice is cooked. One meal of it costs only $2.50, in addition to traditional bread with poppy seeds or walnuts. Half a kilo costs $9.

As for France, the main dish for Christmas is turkey. One meal will cost $6.2. There is also always foie gras on the French holiday table, and the cost of a small jar of it is about $35.

Turkey is also a traditional dish in the United States, where it costs $2.9 per serving.

In Russia, a turkey will cost $2.7, a traditional Olivier salad will cost $2.2, and red caviar will cost $1.6.

Source: Novosti - Publication date 24-12-2023 -

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