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The Onagadori !🐔

The Onagadori is a historic Japanese breed of chicken, characterized by an exceptionally long tail.

Onagadori ("Honourable Fowl" in Japanese) is a breed of domestic chicken and the cocks can have a tail reaching 10 m!

They grow in special cages in which the feathers of their tails are rolled up like a curl and suspended on the walls for protection. At about ten years of life the cocks attain this impressive tail length. A portion of the tail does partially molt its sickle feathers annually and the body feathers may molt only every second or third year. The onagadori hens molt normally. Till now, they have not been found in other countries. In Japan these cocks are protected. The record was reached by an Onagadori cock with a 11.3 m (38 ft) long tail.


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