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💐 The power of flowers - "Le pouvoir des fleurs - Les artistes"

Artists Amir, Bilal Hassani, Wejdene, Boulevard des airs, Claudio Capéo, takes over "The power of flowers" with Laurent Voulzy for the benefit of the Pasteur Institute, in the fight against the coronavirus. Enjoy!

To listen to this song and the whole Happynass playlist click on the below:

Refrain de la chanson - Chorus below

Changer les ames,

Changer les coeurs

Changer le monde

Changer les choses

Avec des bouquets de roses

Changer les femmes

Changer les hommes

Avec des géraniums

Change souls,

Change hearts

Change the world

To change things

With bouquets of roses

change women

change men

With geraniums

Can we change the world with the power of the flowers?

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