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The Surprising Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet🍴

Scientists at Guangzhou University in China have discovered that the Mediterranean diet, which includes eating plant foods, cheese, seafood, nuts and legumes, protects against 32 serious diseases.

The journal Nature notes that researchers wanted to track the impact of the Mediterranean diet on health and conducted a study that included 121,513 people, aged from 30 to 75 years. The researchers collected comprehensive information about the participants' eating habits and studied and analyzed data recorded in their medical records to evaluate their health condition.

It became clear to the researchers that people who ate the foods described in the Mediterranean diet had a reduced risk of developing 32 chronic diseases. Researchers also noted that this diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, many types of cancer, and diabetes.
It should be noted that this type of diet includes eating vegetables, fruits, seafood, fish, olive oil, and cheese.

In addition, when increasing the proportion of foods containing antioxidants - fruits, broccoli, green tea, coffee, dried fruits and dark chocolate - this diet protects against dementia, including Alzheimer's.


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