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Why not to try those work excuses! they probably still work 😉😊

From a Silly casual excuse to the most weirdest one you would ever imagine, here are some funny excuses given in real work cases:

"Grandma tried to poison me", "i ate cat food" , "I got stuck in the blood pressure machine"... We all feel sometimes the need to stay home, but some of those excuses sound really creative to be believed. Grandma to poison me!! where is the police complain replied the boss ? :)) stuck in the blood pressure machine? then why don't you bring it along with you !? :))

However some are more serious realistic cases which , in reality prevented employees to attend:

"Retrieving belongings from the dumpster" - An employee’s wife found out he was cheating, and he had to spend the day retrieving his belongings from the dumpster.

"Accidentally got on a plane" - An employee couldn’t come to work because she accidentally got on a plane.

Kids changed all the clocks in the house - Pranked -An employee was late because they overslept because their kids changed all the clocks in the house.

His fish was unwell - An employee refused to come to work because his fish was unwell.

At the casino all weekend : An employee had been at the casino all weekend and still had money left to play with on Monday morning.

Suffering from a hangover - The employee said he’d gotten drunk the night before and was now suffering from a hangover.

Gall stone Healing powers An employee had a gall stone they wanted to heal holistically.

Now here is the weirdest excuses:

Ozone in the air flattened his tires - An employee claimed the ozone in the air flattened his tires. It would take the world’s dumbest boss to fall for that.

Bats got in her hair - An employee said bats got in her hair.

Was bitten by a duck - Mighty ducks" An employee said she was bitten by a duck.

A cow broke into her house An employee said a cow broke into her house and she had to wait for the insurance man.

Traumatic stress from a large spider - An employee was experiencing traumatic stress from a large spider found in her home, and had to stay home to deal with it.

Finally the excuses which can happen when we want to make a balance more into life than work :

In a good mood - Oh happy day - An employee woke up in a good mood and didn’t want to ruin it.

feeling too upset - Unhappy ending - An employee was feeling too upset after watching “The Hunger Games.”

Forgot he had been hired! - An employee forgot he had been hired for the job.

Forgot it wasn't the weekend - No concept of time An employee forgot it wasn’t the weekend. 😁😂

And finally, even a heavy tasty meal is a good excuse for staying home, when his Mother made his favorite dish he is too full to move so he stayed home to digest !!! :))

Source Fact: July-2021

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