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🌙You are Kafu" program honors "The Father of orphans" in Bahrain in an unconventional way! 🎥

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The Bahraini program "Anta Kafu", which began showing on Bahrain TV in the month of Ramadan, sparked a wide interaction on social media, and positive reactions, as the name of the program topped the trend on Twitter since its launch on the first day of Ramadan.👍

The episode was shown on Monday, April 4, 2022, sparked a wide interaction, it honored the citizen "Khalil", known as "Father of Orphan", a man who devoted his life to serving orphans in Bahrain; The program invited him to test drive a new car, to discover The surprise after that, by the honor while stopping at a traffic light (watch the video) , Mr Khalil was deeply surprised and affected, crying with joy, which sparked a wide interaction on Twitter, and shed light on the idea of ​​the program.

Fans on twitter expressed their admiration for the idea of ​​the program, which seemed to bear the nature of prank programs, but positively, without offending the guests of the episode, but rather by honoring them .

The Ramadan program broadcast by Bahrain TV honors people who have contributed positively to their community. a great "image" of goodness, kindness and compassion which encourage and remind people to act good and be kind, that one of the most important message in Ramadan.

Ramadan Karim 🌙

Source News : - Bahrein TV Twitter channel -


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