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You chew a lot of Gum? here what you need to know! 💭

When people chew gum, they do so mostly for fun, but they rarely notice that this habit can sometimes become harmful, leading to headaches and problems in the jaw joint.

According to the British "Mulgrave" group specialized in dental health, chewing gum has several benefits, as it increases saliva production, and the latter is a vital and beneficial component for oral health.

The flow of saliva helps to get rid of sugars and food particles, and this prevents harmful bacteria from multiplying in the mouth, thus protecting the teeth from decay.

However, chewing gum should be done in moderation, and without excessive amounts, so that it does not lead to several health damages which might require treatment.

According to the recommendations of the "Cleveland Clinic" website, the position of the gum warns of a number of risks, including:

  • The emergence of a disorder in the temporomandibular joint as a result of repeated chewing.

  • A person is accustomed to chewing in order to break up food in the mouth and then swallow it afterwards, but the gum is chewed repeatedly, for a period that may be long at times.

  • Headache due to frequent jaw movement.

  • Tooth fractures.

Chewing gum should be done in no more than 15 minutes per day.

People with a disorder of the temporomandibular joint should think carefully before embarking on chewing gum.

The fact that the gum contains an important percentage of sugar makes it a cause of cavities.

Decay occurs because bacteria convert the sugar in the mouth into acids, and the latter erode the "enamel" layer that coats the teeth.

Published on 16 JANUARY2023 - Skynews


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