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A lucky couple finds 400-year-old gold coins hidden under the floor of their home: worth £250,000!

A lucky couple found an incredible treasure trove of gold coins buried under their kitchen floor, worth £250,000 and dating back to the 18th century in Ellerby, North Yorkshire.

The couple has lived on the property for 10 years and discovered the bunker in 2019, initially thinking it was an electrical cable. They were thrilled with the collection, which has been coined as "The Elderly Hoard" and will go up for auction in October.

Upon closer examination, they found those gold coins in a pot size of a Coca-Cola can, dating back to between 1610 and 1727, that is, between the reigns of James I and Charles I until the reign of George I. The couple did not know the value of the coins, so they contacted the London auction house Spink & Son, who sent their staff to investigate the matter.

Auctioneer Gregory Edmund said: 'We weren't the only ones impressed by this find, this is a wonderful and very important finding, very rare for treasures of English gold coins to appear on the market, and this discovery of more than 260 coins is one of the largest artifacts recorded in Britain.

Edmund added: It was a completely coincidental discovery, as the owners were moving the floor of their home and found a vessel the size of a Diet Coke can filled with gold, and they had never dealt with a metal detector in their lives. They were just moving the floor and thought they ran into an electric cable first."

Published on 7-Septembrer-2022 - Source: ladbible- Russia Today


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