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A man lives underwater for 93 days and emerges younger

It took a retired naval officer to cruise in a small cabin in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean for 93 days. This is to study the effects of living underwater in a stressful environment on the human body.

The naval officer spent 93 days in a small underwater chamber, measuring 100 square feet.

According to the Daily Mail, Officer Dettori was able to break the previous world record for living underwater, which was 73 days, but what was striking about his experience was that after returning to land at the end of the experiment, he came out looking 10 years younger.

Dettori's medical evaluation revealed that the DNA caps found at the ends of chromosomes, which usually shrink with age, were 20% longer than they were before the dive, the number of his stem cells had also increased significantly, and his health had improved significantly.

In addition, Dettori's sleep quality greatly improved, and his cholesterol levels, and markers of inflammation, dropped by nearly half.

The retired officer said about the potential benefits of hyperbaric medicine: “People need places isolated from the outside world, go on vacation for at least two weeks, relax, and undergo the experience of hyperbaric medicine.”

He confirmed that although his underwater room was limited, he exercised for an hour a day.


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