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A Person returns a borrowed book from 105 years ago to a library! 📚

Source Picture: Nypost

A classic novel has been returned to a Colorado library more than 100 years after it was borrowed.

The library recently revealed that the novel "Ivanhoe" by author Walter Scott was delivered 105 years after the day it was borrowed, when it was supposed to return on February 13, 1919.

The library said in a press release last week that an unidentified woman returned the book earlier this year after her brother found it while searching her mother's belongings in Kansas.

During the administration of the 23rd US President, Woodrow Wilson, the fine for late books was 2 cents per day. “Based on a fine of two cents per day, this fine is about $760,” the library said. “After adjusting for inflation, the amount is about $14,000 now!”, noting that it stopped charging late fees in November 2020.

This copy of the book will reportedly be discontinued because the library system has other copies of "Ivanhoe" to give away and it will end up in a local museum.


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