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An Airline compensated a Finnish flight attendant for winning her case over Wi-Fi use!!

The Finnish website "Helsingin Sanomat" reported that a flight attendant from Finnair received generous compensation as a result of her arbitrary dismissal from work.

According to the website, the flight attendant lost her job for using the Wi-Fi service designated for customers. During 19 flights,she used the names of passengers and their seat numbers to access the network in an unauthorized manner, which is a violation.

But Due to that incident, the air transport company investigated 123 employees to determine violations of the use of Wi-Fi; Investigations results showed that 22 employees used the Internet more than 36 times and were punished by dismissal from work, but for many other employees, the company merely issued a warning to them!!

It eventually became clear that more than 700 employees were accustomed to committing this type of violation and using the Wi-Fi network designated for passenger service.

The flight attendant was among those decided to be dismissed from Finnair, but she considered the dismissal decision arbitrary and unjustified, and decided to resort to the court, which sided with the flight attendant, and ruled that the company pay her compensation amounting to 21 thousand euros.

Source: Lenta - Publication date: 28/02/2024 -


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