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Brazilian faked his death to know who will attend his funeral!

The Daily Mail published a report on a Brazilian man who faked his death to find out who would attend his funeral.

In the details, Baltazar Lemos (60 years old) from Curitiba Baran announced his death on social media and attended a fake funeral for his family and friends.

He decided to fake his death to find out who would attend his funeral from his friends and family, and he did all the necessary things as a funeral arranger in Brazil and conducted hundreds of them.

And one of the people published the "fake" news on social media, and said that Lemos left life to another life with a picture taken in front of the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo.

The news was shocking to the Lemos family, as no one knew that he was suffering from any disease or had been hospitalized.

One of his nephews went to the hospital to ask about him, but all the staff denied it because Balthazar Lemos' name did not appear in the admission records.

The news of Balthazar's death caused a state of sadness on social media, as a large number of his acquaintances expressed their grief in the comments. Despite many asking about the cause of death, none of his relatives or family had a clear answer about it. The time and place of the funeral was posted on Facebook.

Friends and family of Balthazar Lemos gathered in a chapel in his hometown of Curitiba for his funeral.

And the attendees heard Balthazar's voice recounting his life, and the attendees were deeply affected and cried, believing that it was a recording, then he opened the doors of the coffin and went out in front of everyone.

Balthazar was a great shock to those present, who accused him of foolishness and criticized what he had done.


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