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Dutch minister takes maternity leave: Unprecedented in the country's history

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands, Leche Schreenemacher, will go on maternity leave, in an incident that is the first in the country's political history.

The Dutch newspaper, Telegraf, reported that the 40-year-old Schreinimacher plans to go on maternity leave after the parliamentary elections that will take place in the Netherlands in November, and until then she will continue to perform her duties as a minister.

The minister said in an interview with the newspaper: “Of course, it is a special feeling to be the first pregnant minister in the Netherlands, and it would be good to make pregnancy a normal rule in the ministries, if we want to make politics and other leadership positions an attractive and appropriate place for young women, and we must make sure to make these The dilemma is natural.

She indicated that her return to work as a minister after the issuance of the decree will depend on the duration of the formation of the new government.

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