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E-Crab? The smallest AI Robot !! from Northwestern University

Northwestern University engineers have created the smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot, a tiny peekytoe crab just half a millimeter wide.

This miniature robot can walk, bend, twist, turn, and even jump.

The crab robot's movement is powered by the elastic resilience of its body, constructed from a shape-memory alloy that changes shape when heated by a laser.

This heating and cooling cycle creates locomotion, allowing the robot to move in controlled directions based on the laser scanning. The team also developed similar millimeter-sized robots resembling inchworms, crickets, and beetles.

The technology could eventually enable micro-sized robots to perform practical tasks in confined spaces. John A. Rogers, leading the experimental work, envisions these micro-robots as potential agents for industrial repairs or minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Happynass thought: Are we going to be invaded by insects and animals, controlled by artificial intelligence made by humans, anytime soon?


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