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✔️Fact: Anthem without lyrics 🚩

National Spain flag

Anthems are typically played at big ceremonies, national celebrations, and events such as sporting competitions; most of them has lyrics which represent their country history in brief.

The official national anthem of the European country of Spain is known as the "Marcha Real", which in English translates to “Royal March” and is also referred to as "The Grenadier March".

the Spanish national anthem is one of the world’s oldest anthems and its first record of the music for the Marcha Real is dated 1761.

you would be surprised to know that in the past, the composition of "Marcha Real" contained lyrics in many versions but none failed to receive official status.

The current non lyrical version of the anthem has been in place since 1978,

and has replaced the original orchestration by Bartolomé Pérez Casas composed by Francisco Grau.

The majority of nations around the globe have national anthems with lyrics, but other countries have similar "Non-lyrical anthems" such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, San Marino, and Kosovo.


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