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✔️Fact: This is what happen to the coins thrown in Trevi Foutains in ITaly

"Fontana di Trevi" in Italy, Rome, it's name originated from latin "Trivium" which means "intersection of three streets". The fountain was designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi, and executed by by Giuseppe Pannini and many others.

Standing 26.3 meters (86 ft) high it is one of the most famous fountains in the world. the tradition of throwing coins in the fountain is coming from the movie "Three coins in the fountain" in 1954 telling the story of three young ladies working in the American Embassy in Rome who throw a coin in the fountain in order to find love.

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Throwing one coin is said to ensure the comeback to Rome, two coins thrown ensure romance with a Roman (either male or female), and three coins ensure the marriage with him or her: there is also a technique to throw the coin: Tourist turn around and toss a coin into the fountain over their shoulder.

If you are wondering about the amount thrown in the fountain, it is estimated at 3,000 Euro on a daily average, a great "money change" source !

What happen next? the coins are collected and given to charity associations who will distribute the amount on poor and homeless people of Rome.

How many coins would you throw ? depend on what you wish for ! 😉

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