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Finding the Line: Understanding When Exercise Can Do More Harm Than Good

According to Dr. Yegor Konyukhov, a rehabilitation specialist, exercise has many benefits, but it can sometimes be harmful. The specialist points out that humans, indded, need physical activity, and this is confirmed by doctors of all specialties - cardiologists, neurologists, surgeons, and even psychologists since regular exercise leads to strengthening the cardiovascular, vestibular and musculoskeletal systems and harmoniously shaping the muscles, ensuring correct posture and spinal health.

You can be injured if you make a mistake in performing even the simplest exercises. For example, everyone is recommended to practice swimming, which is considered a great and safe activity at the same time. However, if the face is not immersed in water and the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine are in one line, spinal diseases might get worsen.

Practicing yoga, stretching, and similar activities also require caution, because it stretches muscles that do not need stretching. and its adhesion to the joints will be weakened.

Jogging regularly has become a widely spread type of exercise, as some people practice it in order to get rid of excess weight. But this sport puts a lot of weight on the knees. They also increase stress on the joints, back, heart, blood vessels and heart. And running on asphalt (this is a hard surface) with incorrectly selected shoes would be a problem.

It is also not recommended to practice this sport, even walking, near main roads. Because during this, the person inhales a large amount of air with pollutants.

it's better to seek specialists advise from people who suffer from chronic diseases before exercising.

Source: - Publication date: 17/11/2023


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