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Goalkeeper allows the ball ⚽ to enter to save his team!

Corinthians' confrontation with Atletico Mineiro in the Brazilian Football League witnessed a strange scene.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw between the two teams; The scene began with Minero getting a free kick after halfway through the field, before Cassio appeared ready to tackle it and catch the ball, but he decided to suddenly move away from it in the last moments to let it enter his goal.

After the ball entered the net, some Minero players went off to celebrate the goal, but the problem was that the kick taken by their colleague was indirect and no other player touched it after him.

This is what Cassio realized in the last moments, so he did not try to block the ball because he did not want to risk the possibility of it bouncing in front of the attackers to shoot it into his net. Therefore, the referee awarded a goal kick in favor of Corinthians, which is the correct decision since the ball entered the net from an indirect free kick without any player touching it after taking the kick, and thus the "goal" was not counted.

It is noteworthy that Cassio, 36 years old, spent 12 years with Corinthians, and won the Club World Cup with the team in 2013, won the league title twice, and was with the Brazilian team that won the 2019 Copa America.

Source: goal - Publication date: 15/11/2023


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